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Thread: Rappy Soul

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    Default Rappy Soul

    So i got a sword with "Rappy Soul " rank 1 on it... what does it do?

    PS, it wasn't a rare drop, but the first time i've seen it

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    Boosts stats nicely. The various Soul abilities are sexy stat boosts, but I can't read Japanese to tell you what. It should show it on the third page of info (Q cycles through em).
    Coming Soon!

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    Ahh, okay

    i know it buffs PP, i just can't understand the second stat if boosts

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    Ty all, that explains it =D

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    I've seen so far;

    Rockbear Soul
    Ragne Soul
    Rappy Soul

    off the top of my head.

    I also have something called Mutation I on one of my weapons which indicates that you needed to use it in conjunction with something else.

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    Vol Soul is the best thing ever for hunters, boosting S-Atk by 30 and HP by 20.

    If you're a hunter, you want ALL your weapons to have that. It is so glorious.

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    Rappy Soul:
    ABL +30
    PP +3

    Rockbear Soul:
    S-Def +30
    HP +10
    PP +2

    Cater Soul:
    T-Def +30
    HP +20

    Vol Soul:
    S-Atk +30
    HP +20

    Ragne Soul:
    T-Atk +30
    HP +20

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    Where can you get an item with the vol soul? All i have is Rappy, Ragne,and rockbear....

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    (sort of spoilers)

    You can get vol soul from the boss Vol Dragon in the Caves.

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