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    Default The Great Error Thread!

    I thought it would be a good idea to compile all of the information we know about various errors into one place since, most likely, these will continue to cause problems for people.
    Iíve done a search for all of the errors people have had trouble with so far and linked some of the the discussion threads about them. I'll be working on updating it, formatting it nicely, and making some general advice but for now here's the list and solutions for those that have been figured out!

    If your error involves a typical Windows Error Screen, graphics problems, or game freezing, try some of the things below first! If your error involves a number of some kind (ex Error 649, then feel free to skip down to the listing below this section)

    General Advice
    Here are some things to try if you haven't already:

    1) Update DirectX
    Every new version of DirectX contains bug fixes so if you are having trouble, this should be your first step. You can get the latest version from Microsoft's Website directly here

    2) Run a File Check
    The 3rd option on the launcher 「ファイルチェック」 is used to check that all game files are present on your system. If anything is missing, it should download it automatically. It will also replace any files that may have been modified, intentionally or otherwise.

    3) Update your drivers
    Especially your video card driver! If you are running Windows 7, Windows Update can automatically download driver updates for you. They are usually listed in the "optional updates" section. Otherwise, check with the manufacturer of your video card. Many manufacturers have programs which can automatically identify and install the most recent driver for your card.

    For AMD/ATI:
    For Nvidia:

    4) Make an exception in your Antivirus/firewall for PSO2
    PSO2 is an online game after all so make sure it can connect properly to the Internet! Some programs have an designated "Game Mode" while others may be a bit more complicated. If you have Avast, look at the threads on Error 434 above. Otherwise, if you can't figure it out, ask in here and someone may be able to help out.

    5) Reduce your graphics settings
    Some graphics cards and PSO2 don't play nice together. Try going into the options menu 「環境設定」 (2nd option in the launcher) and lowering the slider.

    -Switching to Simple Shaders
    Several of my friends and I were receiving application errors until we did this. In the options, click
    描画 (Image) and check the option in the screenshot below

    Then click the bottom left option to save and the bottom right option to return to the launcher.

    -Manually editing the configuration file
    For those who want more control over the settings, the configuration file can be editing manually (With the added bonus that it's completely in English!). Head to My Documents/SEGA/PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 and look for the user_beta.pso file (Or the user_benchmark.pso file if you want to adjust settings for the character creator). Right Click the file, choose "Open With" and choose "Notepad". You'll see a whole range of options from resolutions to textures and so on. You can change all sorts of things- For example, under the 'Draw' heading, changing ShaderQuality to false enables simple shaders or you can use the VirtualFullScreen option etc.

    OK and now the list!

    Patcher/Gameguard Errors

    Error 434- Interactions with another Application: (Picture under spoiler):
    [SOLUTION- Usually caused by Avast Anti-virus: Disable while playing, or make an exception for PSO2. Can also be caused by a screen saver on some setups- try disabling your screen saver- Thanks Meanie! ]

    GameGuard (Initialization Error?)

    Error 103- 最新バージョン取得エラー Newest Version Acquisition Error (Patcher Download Error)
    [SOLUTION: Usually caused by connection problems. Wait a bit and run the patcher again.]

    Error 104- 最新バージョン取得エラー Newest Version Acquisition Error (Patcher Download Error)
    [Files are in use?? Try doing a file check]

    Error 105- Update Error
    [Try running as administrator?]

    7/8 NOTE: For patcher issues, some people have experienced success with using a proxy to patch the game and then running it normally so there may be some issue with connecting from certain ISPs. Try going to this thread where there's some discussion on the issue and a guide to installing a VPN.


    It seems that errors 601-630 are all related to general connection issues. If you are trying to login, make sure your ID and password are correct and try again. If it's something else, It is probably a temporary server issue- Try again later and see if the problem resolves.

    Error 602- Wrong Password
    [SOLUTION: Try your password again!]

    Error 617- Ship/Block could not be found

    選択したシップにブロックが 見つかりませんでした。 [ No.617 ] 
    The selected block to Ship Could not be found. [No.617]
    Error 626: Canít access room

    Error 632: Double Login
    [SOLUTION: Wait a bit and try logging in again]
    二重ログイン状態と判定されています。 しばらく時間を置いてから、接続してください。 
    [No.632] Double login.  Wait a while before trying to login again.
    Error 640: Game Client Does Not Match
    SOLUTION: Try running the game normally (not through steam or any other launcher besides the official patcher) Thanks nydan00!

    Error 649: Server Maintenance
    [SOLUTION: Try again when the server is out of maintenance!]

    メンテナンス中のため、 このサーバーは現在ご利用いただけません。 [ No.649 ] 
    Because it is in maintenance, This server is currently not available. [No.649]
    Error 651 Trying to play on a different computer

    Error 678- Need to Accept User Terms
    [SOLUTION: Head to the ISAO user site and accept the user terms. Once you login to the ISAO site and get past the Japanese Captcha (Go HERE for a clickable katakana list if you cant input/dont know japanese), there should be a bit of scrollable text. Below that text should be TWO buttons. Click on the top button to say "I agree". Wait for it to process, then click the only button there (Logout).

    Return back to PSO2 - you should be able to get in now. Thanks BahnKnakyu!

    Error 230 Network Connection Error (No Response from DNS Server)

    Error 242- Network Connection Error (Wrong Credentials?)
    SOLUTION: 242 will happen after 602 if you put in the wrong password again. Try logging in on the SEGA site to make sure your info is right and reset your password if necessary Thanks BahnKnakyu!

    Error 249- Generic Network Connection Error (?)
    SOLUTION: The server sometimes spits out this error instead of 649 during maintenance but I also received it once when my connection dropped from being too far from my router. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, the servers are up, and try again in a bit.

    Character Creation Locked Error Message:


    Because of congestion on this ship, new character creation has currently been stopped. Please use a different ship.
    (Hopefully temporary) SOLUTION: Make a new character on Ships 6-9 or wait until the situation dies down.

    In Game

    Error 2107- Tekker Identification Failed

    During Game

    Windows Application Error- The instruction at (#) referenced memory at (#). The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program.
    [Possible fix? Seems common with ATI cards. Run game with simple shaders- see Directions below] Also try updating your drivers.

    想定外のエラーが発生しました An Unexpected Error has Occurred
    [??? Pretty Vague: Try some of the steps below or reinstalling)

    [SOLUTION- Update Intel Graphics Driver to it's latest version 

    Game Crashes and Shuts Down Computer

    pso2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Black Screen After Opening Movie
    [??? Computer doesn't meet spec requirement?]

    Stuck During Loading Screen

    If you still need help, post your error in this thread and we'll try to help out!
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    I'm having a problem where i was initially having the 434 error, but after adding exceptions it promptly patched itself. Now however when i click the PLAY GAME button, nothings booting. Not even gameguard. The launcher just closes itself and that's that.

    Website designer and PSO Addict.

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    Clicking on Game Start and instead of starting your game, your pc shuts down as if you pressed the shut down button (happened to me once after modifying screen resolution in nvidia control panel).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Ryudo View Post
    Clicking on Game Start and instead of starting your game, your pc shuts down as if you pressed the shut down button (happened to me once after modifying screen resolution in nvidia control panel).
    If it only happened to you once it sounds like the computer was waiting for you to restart after installing some updates and the countdown happened to just coincide with you clicking the Game Start button.

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    helpful thread, sticky worthy imo
    -everything i type is completely serious and you should be offended no matter the content jaja-
    translated pre-OB skill trees link
    Ma name's Satoshi Sakai and I sell My room and My room accessories! Uh huh huh!

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    GameGuard (Initialization Error?)
    I was the original poster of the GameGuard issue, and I'd like to point out that I still cant play, so there is no known fix (at least, not that I know, I even went to JP forums..).

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    Don't mean to bump my own thread but does anyone know if there is a picture of the launcher options with translations? I think it could be helpful here. I could do it myself but it would not be very fancy and if there's one already floating around, I'd prefer to keep it consistent.

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    Every time I try to load the benchmark character creator I get the "pso2.exe has stopped working" error. I have Windows Vista, I think this is my Graphics Card Info: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz

    I've tried updating it but it didn't seem to work. I also tried reinstalling but that doesn't work either. I've tried changing to settings too, but to no avail.

    EDIT: I can't get it to work on the Desktop, but It works just fine on my Laptop...
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    Try editing the user.benchmark file and switching the ShaderQuality to false (I just put instructions for doing so in my first post). I had the same problem and adjusting settings through the client didn't work but manually doing it did the trick.

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    Hello guys, new to the forum, but a PSO veteran.

    I have looked through all the errors and none seem to really define mine.
    I have tried editting and reseting hte user_benchmark.file (as well as the regular user.file) so that the shading graphics are minimal (meaning I set the scroller to 1, and the graphics to compressed and simple). But I still keep getting this error, right after the intro ends.

    pso2.exe has encoutered a problem and needs to close.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    (Btw nProtectGameguard seems to work fine)

    I have also let PSO2 be an exception to firewall, and also updated my graphics driver (even though there was no new update to it)

    There is probably something I am just forgetting and missing it -__-
    Hopefully I can get pso2 at least runni ng before thursday.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this (and sorry for the placement...couldn't really find a better place to post this)

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