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    Default SwordGear?

    What does this skill do?

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    Makes that Rising Slash/Upper PA charge faster depending on how full your gauge is. Someone can explain it better than me, but I believe it's from doing damage/hits to a target. It appears above your action skills on the HUD, pick it up, slap a few things around and then use the PA, it should charge almost instantly.
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    It effects all Sword PAs in some form, most notable is that it makes chargeable PAs much quicker to charge but for example with Twister Fall it sends out a Shockwave after landing or the Sonic Arrow PA projectile actually hits targets 3 times.

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    I noticed that Cruel Throw kind of a spiral-y visual effect on it when your gear is maxed, but I'm not sure if it actually does more damage. I'm also not sure if it affects Stun Conside.
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    lightning shockwave is added on stun skill similar to Partisan Gear

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