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    Smile Looking for PSZ players...

    People who constantly play psz. I know all of you do but I mean like on the daily! Also looking to make some friends willing to give up their cell#'s for convenience. Of course my number will be given out too!

    Any ways hit me up asap so we can play! Just bought the game a couple days ago unlocked hard mode and got a 45 HUcast looking to get 60 asap for very hard mode!
    So yeah hit me up if you wanna! I'm sure there's more I have to say but it's not popping up right now.

    And btw I'm definitely not the best player but i got a shitload of ambition to get several characters to lvl 100 and all that! Talk to ya guys later!

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    You're in luck because there is currently 30 (maybe more) of us in a group that play every night, basically. Here:

    Join usssss

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    Just joined Thanks though.

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    Due to all the PSO2 excitement, I picked up a copy of PSZero and am loving every bit of it. I'm so sad to have missed out on when this game was at its prime but would love to play with anyone still on. I have a Fomar lv 45 and am usually on after 10 pm(PST). Would be great to catch a game with you Liquid or anyone else. I'll try to join the revival as well.

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    Yeah definitely try to join the revival that makes stuff extremely convenient

    And yeah I'm basically on every night @10P.M.+ looking for hardmode players on matchmaking.

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    I look forward to playing with you mario2099! Add me!

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    I will for sure play with you when I get these connectivity settings sorted out. (the DS is prompting me to downgrade my Internet security settings, and I am not keen on that.)

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    Post a comment on my profile or PM me if you're down to play. ;D


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