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    Hi fellas
    Anybody played with any of this?
    I've been enjoying 'Evil overload' for PSII for some time now, so I thought I'd share.
    Below there's a plot spoiler so watch out; anyway it's the main reason why I first downloaded this.
    Not only you have the chance of reviving Nei after her fight vs Neifirst(doesn't matter if she wins or loses that), but if you do keep her she'll actually gain new techs by lvling and new purchasable equipment in shops throughout the whole game progress. To do this insert the code found in the readme when it asks you to(clone lab after fight vs neifirst).
    You should check out the link, anyway I'll provide a bit of detail for the features:

    Every piece of equipment has had some alteration done to it, from a different strength or opened to use by new characters. There are even many new ones
    The work on this feels well done: the game has the same feeling from the start and you're bound to be satisfied with your equipment things whatever party members you bring.
    All the characters learn more Techniques.
    This is nice. Your party will end up with a fair legit-looking tech list, similar to psIV, and it just adds up to making some characters more useful and having more interesting party combinations.
    Though, it makes it sound like Rudo may learn some. I didn't use him, I dunno.
    The guns have been given major improvements to be better than many bladed weapons and some award defensive bonuses.
    Guns were bad.
    An all-new storyline!
    Not really: there's an improvement of the dialogues.
    Every shop inventory has been changed.
    Not much to say, every shop more or less serves the same purpose as the original version's counterpart, but with the mod's balance in mind. Feels nice and rewarding, but mayhaps x2 meseta from monsters is too much.
    All the enemies give double Experience and double Meseta in comparison to the originals to speed the pace of the game.
    Makes the pace of the game similar to psIV (as in you don't have to grind as much), but dungeons and fights are still gonna be hard. Especially if you pick the increased difficulty version of the mod.
    Each character levels up at a different rate, and the weaker ones get massive boosts from level 35 and up.
    Doesn't really have a strong impact (your party members are gonna be more or less at same lvl, with still the exception of Nei during the first part). "Power levels" for characters are kept at the same rate.
    Brand new monster sprites and a new enemy!
    New monster colors aren't bad, but along with the dialogue and exp/meseta improvements it falls into the potentially-uncalled-for-improvements. Original sprite colors were good to begin with.

    Also, from the start, each time you visit your house a new party member will come, meaning you can get all the characters right away. You can decide not to use this feature by normally visiting your house only after visiting a new city.
    I'm playin' with Rolf Anna Nei Shir, switching anna with kain for dams/mech enemies.

    Was also thinking about trying the psIII one (wasn't there last time i checked)

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