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    Default Everyday all day forums waiting for PSO2

    I dont know about you guys. But im gonna go crazy, loggin in everyday reading forums all day long. Checking back every hour just praying on some kind of new information regarding a release or something like that..

    When i really think about it..

    Sad life.

    PSO2 is ruining me.

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    Augh stop ninja posting me 4 times in a row when I do the "arrow pointing up" thing

    This thread.

    I want my life back...

    But I want more PSO2... D:

    Good Videogames are bad... D8

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    Playin PSOBB to pass the time D;


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    There's plenty of other games to occupy myself with in the meantime...

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    That's why i'm at least trying to do something semi-productive while i poke around the forums.

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    I wonder how you survived before Beta came out.
    Will work for Scape Dolls and Super Star Atomizers.

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    Needs more Monster Hunter. With a side of Gran Turismo, a hint of FPS, a dash of MMO and lurking as the finisher.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rath-Kun View Post
    Playin PSOBB to pass the time D;
    funny you say this because i just dug up my old PSOBB account and redownloaded the client myself.
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    Probably going to play TERA... even if it feels sluggish and clunky compared to PSO2.

    Waiting on my new laptop this weekend.

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    Yeah, TERA is a fun game...but after playing PSO2, I fully realize and accept that its claim of "true action combat" is complete bullfuck.

    That being said, I'ma go play it right now.

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