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    Default Pre-Open Beta for late June, Closed Beta Report, Open Beta Registration

    The closed beta report is up but before I go in to it, here's the news on the next test:
    • A "pre-open beta" test will be held during the later half of June.
    • Open beta pre-registration for new accounts started on the 23rd. Registering for this will also get you in to the pre-open beta.
    • Previously existing accounts should be able to participate no matter what.
    • There will be some kind of reward for participating in the pre-open beta.
    • If the pre-open beta goes off without any major problems, the open beta should start soon after it finishes.
    • Character data will be reset between the pre-open beta and open beta.

    The registration site is up! You can get to it here:

    You can use the guide in this post to help you out. Just click the first button on the above page to get taken to the form asking for your email address (step 4 in the guide) and you're off.

    Closed Beta Report

    Participant Info
    • The client was downloaded about 147,000 times.
    • About 131,000 people (70% of the accepted testers) logged in sometime during the closed beta testing period.
    • The most connected users at one time 23,500 on April 21st.
    • There was an average of 63,000 logins per day.

    Blue represents maximum number of simultaneous connections. Red represents total logins
    Having the servers up 24 hours a day meant that testers could log in at any time they wanted to or could which, along with the server problems, kept simulatneously conneted users down as compared to previous tests.

    Character Info

    Left: Blue is human, green is Newman, grey is cast. Right: Blue is male, Pink is female
    These are the not so surprising race and sex spreads. Yup.

    Left: Blue is mar, orange is marl, green is newm, yellow is newearl, grey is cast, purple is caseal. Right: Red is HU, blue is RA, yellow is FO.
    Newms are, once again, PSO2's rare race. Compared to the previous alpha test, the number of hunters has also dropped but only by a percentage or two.

    Here are the most popular hairstyles and costumes for fleshies. The Short Wolf hairstyle and Close Quarter costume were the most popular among mars. The Casual Layer hairstyle and the Thousand Dream costume were Marls choice. The Casual Layer was popular with Newms too, as was the Sensious Coat. Newearls also took to the Casual Layer while perfering the Viola Magika costume.

    For Casts, the most popular parts were the Ronia Head, Ronia Body, Fauma Legs, and Fauma Arms. Caseals it was the Farnen head, Deel Body, Deel Legs, and Farnen arms.

    • Abou 228,000 characters were created during the closed beta. That works out to about 1.7 characters per tester.
    • 76,000 users (57.7% of total users) made it to level 10 or higher.
    • 38,000 users (28.8% of total users) made it to level 20.

    Red is HU, blue is RA, yellow is FO
    This is a graph of the level spread among classes. I think it's interesting to note that there are more forces in the level 1 - 5 category than rangers. I would have expected the HU-RA-FO staircase to be the same no matter what level.

    Bug reports & Requests
    • There was a total of about 22,000 opinions and requests
    • There was a total of about 11,000 bug reports
    • There were nearly 43,000 messages on the closed beta message board

    When compared to the second alpha, the number of requests and opinions decreased while bug reports and message board replies increased.

    Questionaire Info

    Around 37,000 people answered the questionaire. Here are the results.

    Left: "Did you participate in the alpha or alpha 2 test?" Blue is "No." Red is "Just A2." Green is "Both tests." Grey is "Just the alpha test."

    Right: "Will you play when PSO2 officially launches?" Blue is "Yes, but I don't know if I'll use the cash shop." Red is "Yes and I'll use the cash shop." Green is "Yes but I won't use the cash shop." Pink is "I don't know." Grey is "No."

    This next graph is the 5-level ranking system that you may have seen from the reports on the previous alpha tests. 5 is Best and 1 is worst. The categories are listed in the order found below the graph.

    • Character creation
    • Character, map, enemy, etc graphics
    • Background music
    • Install to launcher sequence
    • All motions
    • Controls
    • Rankings, emergency quests, and similar random events
    • Visual Effects
    • "Friend Partners"
    • Title sequence (Title screen to login)
    • Client Orders
    • FUN system
    • Quests
    • Balance
    • User Interface
    • Communication
    • My Room
    • Tutorial
    • Story Advancement
    • My Shop
    • Tekking system
    • Overall

    As you can see, despite the mediocre to poor opinions in several categories, over half of all who answered the questionaire were pleased with the closed beta overall.

    Left: "What machines do you plan to play with once PSO2 officially launches?" Blue is "Only PC." Red is "PC and PSVita." Green is "PC and smartphone." Pink is "All three." Grey represents other answers.

    Right: "What is your main control method?" Blue is "Keyboard and mouse." Green is "Gamepad and keyboard for chat." Grey is "Gamepad and keyboard."

    The closed beta was only done for PC so the question on what other machines you might want to play PSO2 on may be skewed towards the PC but about a third of those who answered the questionaire plan to play it on one or both other platforms. Looking at a the way people controlled the game really gives you an idea of where people who played in the closed beta are coming from though.

    Things you want to see in PSO2

    Like the previous alphas, here's the list of things people are interesting in seeing in upcoming versions of PSO2. The list of what everything is can be found under the graph in the order it appears.

    • More weapon categories
    • More PAs, skills, and ways to fight
    • More options in the character creator
    • More ways to play with more people
    • More map variations
    • Improved character actions
    • More weapons (in existing categories)
    • Things to do besides fight
    • Improve the story / game world
    • Improve the chat system
    • Improve enemies
    • Something that can be raised outside of player stats like a pet
    • PVP
    • Better graphics
    • Improve My Room functions

    PVP is still very low on the list of things people want to see in PSO2 despite all the noise you may hear here. In fact, a category already added to the game for the closed beta, mags, still ranks higher than it. Perhaps mags don't count for it but I don't know.

    And finally, from the official blog, Sakai tells us that the lag and disconnections that plauged the closed beta were caused by settings on the server. Changing these settings made those problems disappear but one of the goals for the "pre-open beta test" is to make sure they actually fixed it.
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    later half of June? *le gasp!!(įAį)*

    ty for the info :3

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    Tnx for the awesome news Mike

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    Later half of June! Only a month left!

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    Least we have a date, and us CBT players will be good to go with our existing accounts. Thanks for the info as always, Mike!

    This gives me time to 100%-clear Ys Origin at least

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    Whoa that's amazing news, thank you, I totally can't wait to play more PSO2 with everyone!

    One question though, even if we already have a account and participated in the CBT, do we need to log-in and press a button somewhere to be actually eligible to participate in the pre-OB?

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    Looks like a new post from Sakai as well.

    And registration for the pre-open beta starts tomorrow (JST)
    また、明日5月23日(水)より、オープンβテスト参加のための先行登録を開始させていただき ます。

    Paraphrased Translation:

    The pre-open beta is a double check to make sure the servers are stable before going into a full-on open beta. The largest number of people logging on simultaneously before was 23,000 people. One of the goals of the pre-open beta is to test the servers under a larger load.

    Game status:
    Girls still made up 70% of the population and even after trying to make male newmans more appealing the adoption rate was only 5% (compared to 4% in the alpha).
    Also compared to the alpha, people focused more on making one character as opposed to several characters. Either it takes too long to level up or more players were taking advantage of being able to multi-class their main better.

    There was a lot of input from the community. Sakai appreciated talks on the official closed beta forums about how players wanted cash shops and stuff to be implements.

    In the closed beta report 94% of people replied that they would play the game when it came out. That made the team extremely happy.

    A large majority of player replied they'd play it only on pc, but 30% of people replied they wanted to play on vita and smart phone as well.
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    End of June? That's not really "early summer" for me, but I'll take it.

    Beggars and not choosers, and all that.

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    The male to female ratio is pretty retarded, but not surprising I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kion View Post
    Game status:
    Also compared to the alpha, people focused more on making one character as opposed to several characters. Either it takes too long to level up or more players were taking advantage of being able to multi-class their main better.
    That statement doesn't make me hopeful at all regarding paying for characters slots...

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