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    Default Selling All My Weps XBOX 10/10 all red units Gaozoran Rod+And More

    i will go at cheap as can

    all So Rare wep items very cheap

    I selling 10/10 weps to i do good prices

    got red knigth red wall red line+2 al red units

    rod 10/10 (Gaozoran Rod+sold) Holy Ray Pumpkin Trick

    Pushan 10/10 Lukmin Madam Brella Van Brella

    Sange 10/10 Blackheart Crimson Nova Chao Staff Pumpkinhead

    plz private message me

    Red / Stamina 2 i think need look

    1000+ not so rare wep items some rare i think

    alot of Resists units

    Flame Garment lots i think Synthesis boards lots of
    decoration all Sonic dec

    L&K14 Combat
    10/10 Pumpkin Trick

    all aura units some Line shields need to look a lot of Clothes and some parts Rappy Suit all colors

    will take ms if thats aloud

    you will have 3 month to play with the wep and items psu shut down

    i am uk
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    Akaimizu USER
    Still, the thing about the portable PS games, is that they will likely be able to live on forever not being tied to a server

    people that post about JP update3 are evil go no a JP FORUM and post it english only PSU like XBOX360 here only PLZ

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