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    Quote Originally Posted by Dephinix View Post
    Do you never delete cookies?
    The Sim specifically tells you to delete cache without deleting cookies.

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    I've done that for 3 years now, and... it helped me several times, which is why I asked. Could just be my system, but at the same time, maybe his system is closer to my experiences than others. You asking that though... how long do you keep cookies?

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    Deleting cookies would just get rid of all my saved slots, and unless something wierd is going on, saving would still not work.

    I guess I might as well try
    Known as Niem on Ship 2.

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    Oh also Support Fire boosts Pets and Players Damage. I think that description got updated in-game recently to reflect that.

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    Updated descriptions for Charge Parrying (GU), Showtime (GU), High Time (GU) and Support Fire (SU)
    Changed the way the JavaScript files are loaded, hopefully this will clear the loading problem some people were having
    If anyone who had trouble loading newer URLs/slots still has them after a hard refresh, please let me know.

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    Hey cool it works on chrome again (and with this Edge looses yet another purpose in life)
    But now its outdated again xD Te's PP restorate skill now has a secondary effect when standing still.
    PP regen buffed by 220% / 226% / 232% / 238% / 242% / 248% / 254% / 286% / 324% / 350%

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    when skill tree update??

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    eh, just wait till the next rebalance patch shows up. The new skills don't change a thing in how we build our classes so this update would be outdated really fast

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    It might be too late now, but i just notice all the Mastery 1 skills in Fo and Te tree (Flame, Ice, Bolt, Wind, Light, Dark) are not updated yet. They changed the number last year iirc.
    It is now 105% 108% 110% 112% 114% 116% 117% 118% 119% 120%

    EDIT: Also i notice 2 more skills that are not updated yet.
    Photon Flare: Cooldown 90s
    PP Convert: HP reduction 99% 98% 97% 96% 95% 94% 93% 92% 91% 90% and Cooldown 120s 118s 116s 114s 112s 110s 108s 106s 104s 100s
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