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    Another funny thing is the pso xbox server stayed up all the way until xbox live on the original xbox was done. Which sucks because the xbox version of the game isnt playable in any way anymore if you havent activated your xbox with xbox live. Which you of course cant do anymore.
    PSO ep 1&2 on the Xbox is probably the most memorable gaming experience of my life. I played the nintendo, explored Sonic, Crazy Taxi, and PSO on dreamcast, played DBZ and other Japanese games on Playstation 1, and then got involved into more massive online games (FF, Runescape, led to CS which led to Halo which led to Call of Duty) but I would love to say fuck every game ever made and have my Xbox back and play PSO again the old fashioned way. The only thing I would change? Stop duplicating of meseta. Then again, I wish all call of duty servers would cut their shit off and just stick to Cod4. I just like small games where they spend their time perfecting every angle.

    Btw, I do believe the gamecube version is playable w/out going online? I could be completely wrong, its been a while :/ Just get a controller and play blue burst would be your next option.

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    Gamecube is fully playable offline with no Internet. And Gamecube can still be played online through private servers.

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