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    Default help please...this error with the launcher

    im getting this error when thee launcher is up[dating i guess, a friend said the 3rd button was a force update and i clicked it and it has three blank bars and the top two have slow moving blue bars, but i get another pop up that says a few things, but at the bottom it says this WinHTTP Error12030 (No.103)
    any help would be most appriciated, and sorry if this has been posted before...

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    The update before you get to the launcher menu is the launcher update. The 3rd option down is the actual game update. If you're getting error 103 then you're encountering a network error with your update.

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    Try disabling your firewall or anti virus.
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    thanks for the quick replies! i dunno what firewall there is really because i dont use norton or anything like that, only virus protectors i have is MSE and SUPERanti spyware, less it could be the internet being interupted? ill post a pic when it happens again

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    heres the error after closing and turning everything that i know of off

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    I got the same thing hmmm.

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    Close your web browser.

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    Those errors really mean that the patching process encountered a problem.
    WinHTTP error 12002 just means that the connection with the server timed out, in other words your computer attempted to communicate with the server but didn't get a response in time. That doesn't mean that you are being blocked or anything, just possible that some transient condition is just causing the time out.
    WinHTTP error 12030 is a connection error because the connection with the server was disconnected or terminated.
    Both of these errors doesn't indicate that either side is the problem. So just keep trying, it could simply be your ISP or one of the servers on your route to Japan/SEGA servers that is having some problems.

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    This happened to me 3 times. Than I did this you should try it

    Click the start menu and go "run" when you're at run type in "cmd" a black box should appear in that black box type "ping -t" Do not exit off the cmd leave it up than patch. If that doesn't work then idk.

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    Hola a todos, Tengo un problema con el juego, ya espere la actualizacion y cuando trate de iniciar el juego, me sale el error de la imagen, Es decir, aparece la pantalla negra como si fuese a empezar el juego y aparece ese error, espero puedan ayudarme, estoy muy ansioso D:

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