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    If i could use this i would keep it but my ranger dies if i don't look at his health and heal him and i perfer my rouge pluse,gun blades, and lazer connons. and by the time i could make use with the zero rifle i might have better wepons.

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    I don't really mind, Shanks. Just so long as the Saber gets its use from whomever owns it, then I have no qualms with who gets what in this trade. I just want everyone to be happiest with what they'll be getting from the trades, and I think I'd be happiest if you two were happiest with your own trades, whether or not it involved me. ^_^
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    So if i guess if it's ok i will trade the zero rifle for the zero saber. DoctorShanks tell me when you can come and do the trade in the mean time it is reserved for you.
    Now i have 3 divine minds for trade i have a total of 7(4 on my fonewmen not for trade)

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