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    Grinding, grinding and more grinding to get my hunter to lv30. Currently lv22.

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    I banked all my items then recreated my character...
    then I realised i didn't bank my money
    90k down the drain

    back to work

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    crad-6 at last


    keep geting dced >_<...atleast i got foie at
    ship 2 block 20 names Jettai

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    I guess I'll be hunting some 7*- 8* Hunter equipment (bought a crappy Ragne Answerer yesterday, and want a Vol Scale ) and maybe 100% both Matter Boards.
    Perso...! Wait...wrong game.

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    Been (FINALLY UNLOCKED IT) doing hard mode runs.

    Finally got some new rare stuff. Drop rate is better in hard mode ~ ^.^ seeing as how I actually got another disc for my Gunblade. ^.^

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    I'm building my skill tree. Going to be careful about it.

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    Trying to collect level 9 Force Techs, have about 5 or 6 of them now, and selling a couple so I can get more.

    Then just grinding to 30, currently 21, wondering if Free Desert is better exp rather than running Forest Hard Missions.
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    I'm trying to play but my loading screen has turned on ad infinitum after the maintenance and I don't know what to do.

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    Land of OZ I think? ... or did that tornado take me elsewhere?


    Quote Originally Posted by Agitated_AT View Post
    The game got boring quick, so I stopped playing.

    ^ didnt play past the first level 1 mission lol

    Just not long ago i played free desert and omfg, this was the most intense run ive ever had lol. Goes like this...

    Code attack, 2 big robots who transformed? > Code attack again, same thing, Code duel / attack? Boosted Dark Ragna dude and he was pissed > Code attack sand boss, during sand boss > Code attack bunch of robots lol. it was fucking insane i was laughing because it was just like omfg sega is this for real!? haha.

    Im sorry but this alone, how on earth can a guy think this game is boring, its so action packed, I cant even play D3 atm, pso2 is so much better.
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    i think i'll be finishing up matter board and doing some rare hunting.

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