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    Grinding toward level 30 from level 26. Should be done by the end of today if I keep a steady pace. Also hoarding all the money I can because I can.

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    Invading rooms.

    sig by me, PM if you want to request one.
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    Somewhere, being an old man again, apparently.


    I'm cleaning up client orders while I wait for people I know to get on.

    I need help clearing Free caves to unlock Desert. D:

    EDIT: Plus I'm only level 14.
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    Trying not to die...Making sure no one dies...

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    Can't play, my hotel doesn't have internet right now.

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    Hanging out in the Block 21 lobby.

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    Will be messing around in the forest, killing stuff randomly

    Oh, and post # 500 =]
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    Gonna be doing Josef's fifth-rank Hunter CO's. 70 hard mode dragon-types and three god damned Vol Dragons. Yeesh. That'll be easy to get with the Gunslash, but I might have to do something crazy like party up for the close-ranged weapons on the Vol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoubleCannon View Post
    ^ didnt play past the first level 1 mission lol

    Just not long ago i played free desert and omfg, this was the most intense run ive ever had lol. Goes like this...

    Code attack, 2 big robots who transformed? > Code attack again, same thing, Code duel / attack? Boosted Dark Ragna dude and he was pissed > Code attack sand boss, during sand boss > Code attack bunch of robots lol. it was fucking insane i was laughing because it was just like omfg sega is this for real!? haha.

    Im sorry but this alone, how on earth can a guy think this game is boring, its so action packed, I cant even play D3 atm, pso2 is so much better.
    The combat system is amazing. I hope this game being beta really is the cause of the lack of sense of progression within an area
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