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    Quote Originally Posted by AutumnChronicle View Post

    as notorious as it is senseless.

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    Been mostly playing Challenge since I got back..

    Managed to clear a Sword-Only Start (7P):

    Hardest part of sword-only is honestly Mission 5, since you don't get any upgrades you have to go fast.

    Did a run of Decision as well banning Katana since Sakura and Guren are overpowered, managed to clear (Mile Route of course, VR buttons don't exist):

    Seems the next best weapon after Katana is Gunslash, then I'd probably say TMG and then probably JB.

    I tried to solo Decision as well but didn't get too far, only made it to the first room of M5 (all mile buttons as always):

    Must be quite easy if you take all VR, although you don't get any miles if you do that and it's also really boring. I'm pretty sure you get more miles/time if you do Decision full-miles than Start. (though I'm not playing for miles)

    Managed a 800+ 4P Start run too:

    900+ requires VR rounding though (pick up a 5% VR capsule at 98% instead of 100% for more VR and overfill), which is really OP because you get an extra 12.5 seconds per VR capsule.

    Random 3P Start clear:

    Also been doing 4P Decision Score runs, best so far is 5292 I believe, it actually got 10th place on Shared Ship last week or the week before which was 50SG. :thonking:

    After playing both quests though, I actually think Decision is a lot more fun because it's the more difficult of the two and requires you to be very on-point if you don't want a wipe against Arms/Hunar and M5, while still finishing with lots of VR. Very fun quest to play, but nobody plays it because Start is easier for miles for most people. =( B> players

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    Yesterday, after mom, I did an RQHX and I dropped my first 13*. Its a launcher and i'm not gonna use it, but hey its a 13*!

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    Did a 2P Start clear with 88% remaining at the end:

    I've cleared it 2P before but it was somewhat close, this was much nicer and not close at all (although M4 and M7 were disasters).

    Above is the video of the whole run, it has a strange timestamp for some reason though.

    The video above also shows the strategy at Vomos 2 to force him to spit. You just stand in front of him during Phase 2 and he will never use any other attack than the spit fireball, and with a weapon that can parry, it makes it much easier on the rest of the party.

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    Edits suck because nobody notices anything if it's later on.

    Anyway, we finally managed to get a score of 5,300+ in Decision.


    Fun quest, I like playing it more than Start but people don't like it because:

    1. VR Route is too easy
    2. Nobody wants to play Miles Route (which makes the quest harder than Start, which is apparently what people want)

    Much more fast-paced than Start as well, much fun!

    8th place ranking on Shared as well which means 50SG this week.
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    S-Ranked on the dot in a duo run of the LQ. That's one S Rank title down, now I just need to work on solo PD.
    PSO2 JP - Ian: Level 80/80 Human Bouncer/Hunter
    PSU AotI JP - Ian: Level 180 Human Fighgunner 20 (Server shutdown as of 9-27-2012)
    PSO BB - Break: Level 200 Pinkal FOmar (Hit by the 6-2-2015 Schthackpocalypse)

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    Well, I'm done. See you guys for Easter.

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    Did both A Boisterous White Day EQs got Gold Tagami once each set and got these for my trouble

    Coupled with the rear I already had I now have a full set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaeris View Post
    Well, I'm done. See you guys for Easter.
    Did you have it drop at +34 or something?

    Haul from my 1st run of the EQ:

    Fornis Gen+6 (+32 grind pre-unlocked):

    Gruezoras Shosul (+31 grind pre-unlocked):

    Blast Parfait:
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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