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    Is this better than LS Rifle or no?
    Quote Originally Posted by WarSarah View Post
    in other news, accept your angular tits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digital Satyr View Post
    Along with two other other Genon series drops this run, this monstrosity of a bow dropped-
    I'm jealous.

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    Updated my units for Force-Techer (Will do a set for Phantom once I grind up enough meseta for it. Already have that new 12* Rear unit from Phonoteer EQ on the side)


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    And finally the weapon. Officially a Phantom, lol.
    Not quite happy with it as I messed up with the Astral Soul, so screw it and went with X the soul. But this is quite enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyansan View Post
    Is this better than LS Rifle or no?
    Itís sole purpose is to pop mark, like kazamiís sole purpose is to release gear before teleporter

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    This was literally the first thing that dropped when I entered Ultra Tunnels. I think that's quite an accomplishment as a stroke of luck. I got to hear the 15* chime clearly for the first time without being drowned out by countless other rares dropping.

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    Red face

    Finally maxed out my Tech Crafting~ Now I just need to finish leveling Extend Crafting..

    Also got a free EPD from ES.. so that's pretty cool, I guess. lol

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    feelsbadman 101: so i got a neo jb in rain eq just an hour ago and went hype testing aegis gift on deadly circle t0 and figured out shit wasn't working at all. wonder why same bs healing guard is working. f*king sege, no AC anymore, fu!

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    The irony was that I paused my boosts by accident thinking I was still doing sector 2 on the Armada EQ.

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