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    Quote Originally Posted by milranduil View Post
    i was hesitant to upload it because of the dumb mistakes. i'll think about uploading it unlisted and send it.
    Alright, Mil, understood.

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    One Summer Rappy, one Fornis Rod (whatever its name is). Came with 105 Tatk 50 HP and 10 PP so I don't think I will reaffix it.
    Oserez-vous percer le mystère de la malédiction ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calsetes View Post
    Scored a 13* launcher during a random Beach Wars run this weekend. Made it lightning element, was the same as another 13* lightning launcher I had on my Ranger, shoved them together and that thing's ready to be maxed out, meaning I only need to get my hands on a 13* dark element Launcher or two and I'd be set with a full rainbow loadout on Ranger - 3 rifles (fire / light / wind,) 3 launchers (ice / lightning / dark.)

    No dice on working towards my dual guns or my missing sword for Hero, yet, though.
    I don't get it. Why would you bother with a rainbow setup for ranger?

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    probably wopal TA


    Quote Originally Posted by Evangelion X.XX View Post
    Alright, Mil, understood.
    here you go, enjoy all my missed blasts when deus is chilling back

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    Quote Originally Posted by milranduil View Post
    here you go, enjoy all my missed blasts when deus is chilling back
    Thanks, man...

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    Default My room completed

    My room completed

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    Not a bad result while doing Volcano SHAQs during league, gotta love those AFKers who don't even kill one of the target.

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    well, not that much of an accomplishment since it happened by pure chance, but hey luck is a skill

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    my very first 120 affix hehehe


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