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    got this katana in the armada EQ , my definitive as braver for sure

    also got this shiny and the last egg i needed (aero 14 star)


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    i got this in the last diving rain


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    Woke up early for the 7am EQ, did one run of the LQ before it started , new 15* Launcher dropped literally in one minute after entering the LQ.

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    Boost is real yo
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    in other news, accept your angular tits.

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    I ended up with 2 Neo Cabliss from one run of the Driving Rain EQ. I'd grab pics, but I'm lazy today, and it doesn't feel worth the trouble. I guess its telling when the 15* sound effect comes up louder than usual in your ear.
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    Was lucky got this

    Whats funny it was first EQ after i made this xD
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    Well that was quick. I got this during the first run at 10AM.
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    Well I was too busy at work + my PC's little broken (ram stick and 3 hdd's of 8TB total are dead... RIP all my anime collecton T_T)

    So I had a very little time to play and found this 7th Anniversary Event too unfair in point collecting proportional time spent in LQ...
    Well I still have all 6 Novell Certificates in the end but no top rewards T_T At least we know all top nolifers names >_<

    I wanted this new Launcher 'cause of it's pot, but same as with Yasminkov 4000FJ I couldn't get it.
    And what I've got is all DUPES, DUPES and DUPES:

    A little more Summoner dupes, 2 upgreded old 14*, 1 dropped Novell, 1 Certificate Novell and fresh dropped DB (it's not bound but can't be sold in MyShop either...) and I fixed up my PC >_<

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    205 S-ATK, 17PP.

    And then I converted it to a Sword.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Why nobody posting here? Anyways here's my recent drops and 2 pieces of gear upgrades with Boost:

    15% Boost made most things much simplier and I hope devs will repeat it sometimes in future.

    UPD: I broke 9min in Solo Phanatical, keep practicing:

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