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    I got 5150 AC on my account yesterday. Think it's pretty much an acclomplishment when you consider I have to click through pages where I don't understand a word. xD

    Soooooooooooooooooooo, 90 days premium for Sakura, an additional mag and the rest of AC for scratches today!!! \o/

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    All of my rage....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dextro View Post
    All of my rage....
    Eff that. Effing eff that ess. Seriously.

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    Got my first... Daylight Scar. Yay...
    The good thing is that it comes with HP III. So I might use it for affix, hoho. ~

    Also, got the whole Jagd Fur set (Fangs') on 2 runs.
    However, the thing is... I got two tails on the same Banshee during a code.
    I didn't know that was possible. o_O
    (I'm not totally sure though, but I recall getting two rare units on her, and when I looked in my inventory, there were only two unequipped rare units, which were the tails.)
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    Hahaha, it dropped two tails? That's pretty funny actually. It only had one tail though, right?

    ...Maybe one isn't a tail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CelestialBlade View Post
    Finally finished my armor setup, now I have three Stamina epsilon units and all three have Vol Souls With my 100 S-ATK / 50 ABL MAG and a Vol Soul on my Patty Lumeria, I have 699 base HP and about 900 base S-ATK. Happy
    Calling those "base" HP and "base" S-Atk is incorrect
    Base HP is with nothing equipped. Base S-Atk is with nothing equipped, but includes your mag
    both technically include skill tree
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldenFalcon View Post
    Calling those "base" HP and "base" S-Atk is incorrect
    Base HP is with nothing equipped. Base S-Atk is with nothing equipped, but includes your mag
    both technically include skill tree
    Bah, details! "Unbuffed" then

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    Just finds.

    My storage is filling up with untekked rifles and gunblades.

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    Default This Accomplishment is worth is own thread!!


    Most amazing Unit I have ever made =D

    WOOT now that is a beast of a unit!! 239 S-DEF <3!! lol

    Sorry but after so much trial and error with Doo-Doo this made me scream F*** YES! lol

    Holy Hell in just 1 go!!

    0-10 no fails!! HAHA DOO-DOO IS HAPPY TODAY!
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    Was working on clearing the fifth matter board the other day and was doing the Vol Dragon bit in hard mode when a change-over code duel dragon pops up and despite going underground two or three times, it never powered up or anything. This made the fight pretty easy and it dropped an unteched Vol Scale. Good Stuff. The boss Vol Dragon dropped a Vol Tail too. I can't equip either but getting some new rares is always nice.

    Since none of the hard dragons dropped the unit needed for the matter board entry, I tried out the normal caves instead yesterday. The matter board entry didn't differentiate between the two. Low-and-behold, the second normal dragon I see drops the matter board unit and I finish up matter board 5 at 100%.

    I also joined a team. I don't really think it's too much of an accomplishment though because it's small (11~13 members) and is called something you'd expect a Japanese junior/senior highschool student to think up. Oh well. I'll see how long it lasts.

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