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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    It's the exact opposite; my playstyle in online MMOs is that of a support character that acts as a stationary caster of magic. The build I have found that mostly resemebles that in PSO2 is Te/Fo. But due to obvious reasons in enemy attacks, it still did not allow me to act exactly as I enjoy. With S4 that allows me to simply stand still and just take the damage, I decided to go full tankiness because without x/HU w/ automate or x/ET for the tankiness I die in 2-3 hits max even at 2.5k hp. So I decided to go as much defensive as possible (which is evident from my units as well, one of them has Defensive Boost even!).

    The total cost of the weapon was about 30m (18m-ish was for Grand Stamina, a couple millions to change weapon categories on Atlas EX for the S4 and Liberate for the S5, excluding potential earnings from the fodders that I had hoarded and intended to sell to other players, and the rest Dudu fee). On Damage Tally practice this Liberate weapon is approximately 2-3% higher dps than my full atk Lightstream Wand (which has Augment Intent, Powering Intent, Offensive Intent, Phrase Weak and another 180ish T-atk). Overall I'd say it worked out in my favor.

    The joker meme is because I know that we generally have a hard-on for "moar dps", so I decided to poke fun at it.

    A bit after affixing the weapon, I thought that maybe I should have tried for Double Reverie instead of Phrase Weak.
    Well, as long as it's working for you I guess?

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    If you want to facetank, Blue Ocean Flash S1 coupled with Nature Exhilaration S2 is 6% heal per second, so around 150 hp healed with 2.5k HP total. As Te main with deband cut access 24/7 and enough defense(2.5k or better) you should be able to easily facetank everything in UH save wipes. Worst case scenario, you can run Tehu and use automate as a safety net from getting comboed in a mob but otherwise, it will be very rare to reach the 50% HP threshold with these. Sadly this cant be done with Liberte because of the SSA slots ):

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    I found out that when Et equips a double saber and does 3 dashes in a row, the last dash in infinite.
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    ok i'm done with Liberate


    PS : Photon booster is available for 1 SP badge in the 2018 shop, if you saved enough 2019 badge you can avoid boring Ultimate booster farming
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffran View Post
    I found out that when Et equips a double saber and does 3 dashes in a row, the last dash in infinite.
    You only need to JA the second dash
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    New milestone.. 1700 titles! Woo~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loveabelle View Post
    New milestone.. 1700 titles! Woo~

    Wow, you're first one I've with more titles than I do, congrats. Gonna try to get as close to 1912 as possible?
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    got the incredibly rare air shifta/deband s8

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    youre about to have a tussle with all us people still searching for that cursed S8. I am literally 11x your badges and I've been trolled 3 times already by novel leg drops. consider yourself a lucklet
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    Lib Wand that I did during boost week, I went retarded on the affix even tho i usually don't, but I guess sometimes we do weird things


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