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    Unhappy Friend Partners not showing up?

    So, the friend partner system was one of my most anticipated systems in this game but once me and my friend got in and set everything up, we can't even invite each other's NPCs to the party, solo or not.

    Here's what we did.
    1. Added each other to our friends lists
    2. Went up to the Visiphones and made our Friend Partner NPCs, behaviors and everything.
    3. Started up parties and tried to invite each other.

    Clicked between the two tabs in the (i) thing and I only see the normal NPCs, my friend's friend partner isn't showing up?
    What did I do wrong? Did I miss a step?
    Also no, I didn't blacklist or anything either, I quadruple checked and we were both on each other's friend's list and online.

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    Might be a dumb question, but do you have each others Arks cards?

    EDIT: Yea it was a dumb question, I should stop glancing at posts so fast.
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    did you click the other tab? your friends don't show up under the list where the npcs are.

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    Read please? I said I checked the other tab already, nothing is there at all.

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    Is he sure he kept confirming the "yes" button at the visiphone? Remember the "yes" button is always on the left side. Also, what are your levels? Don't think that makes any difference but good for reference.

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    I'm level 6 and he's level 4 right now. We just started yesterday... But couldn't play much cause of that maintenance. Also, what do you mean by hitting Yes at the Visiphone? We added each other without having to go there... Unless there's some sort of friend partner registration to do too. We set both of ours up but do we have to add the friend partners too?

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    You just have to be friends and set the partner cards. That's all you have to do.

    So, except if I'm wrong, you may have screw up somewhere.

    For friends :
    Are you sure you accepted him afterwards? Asking for friendship is not enough.

    For the NPC
    You have two options just before setting up your partner.
    I think the second one is to check your NPC. Maybe you could take a look at it if there is your NPC displaying or not.

    If everything's right and you still have problems... I don't know.
    L.Y.A.N.A. - HUcaseal, 40. Ship 2.

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