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    Default I get Error 630 all the time...why?

    I encounter Error 630 and get disconnected quite often. It happens most often when changing blocks, and after choosing my character and bursting into the lobby. Not even a few seconds go by before I'm presented with the error dialog and I'm disconnected.

    My Internet connection itself hasn't had any issues, so I'm really not sure why this is happening.
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    I had this a few times last night, when I entered camp ship or tried to choose character it would occasionally disconnect me.

    I couldn't work out why either

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    You lose connection with the server that is what it means.

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    Yeah I know that, I was saying I was unsure why I was losing connection

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    Yeah, I just don't understand why I keep getting the 630 error.

    I want to figure out how to keep my connection from dropping from the server.
    PSU 360 & JP Player!
    Gamertag: KoNeko1192
    Character name(s): KoNeko

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    I get it all the time, mostly due to my laptop being a bit too far from my router.

    Amusingly, I get a more stable connection through my phone than my pissant router.

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    If you're connected with Wi-Fi, you deserve it.

    In all seriousness though, even a microcut will kick you from those servers. If you're sure that your connexion is not the problem, just use Ethernet and 630 should never happen again.
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    same with me and anybody can solve this ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by gweitz View Post
    same with me and anybody can solve this ??
    Posting three times about your issue in three different threads in a five minute span isn't really considered good manners.

    That being said, you might want to check to see if anything is hampering your network (like Pando Media Booster and BitTorrent programs (or any kind of active downloading), for example) and, if you're connecting on a wireless network, to try to plug in an Ethernet cable directly into your computer.

    That's all I can suggest from my end without more information.

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    sorry before but i post so many so people can read it..
    im trully sorry
    guess i have to try it
    thanks again

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