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    Quote Originally Posted by kkow View Post
    so how does the twin mechgun slow down thing work in a multiplayer game...

    regardless i want them all
    It's all being done client side, so it's not really slowing down. Much like how sometimes you're fighting the same monster that your friend is fighting but if you looked at each others screens, the monster is in 2 very different places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icespike View Post
    For the better, I like the idea of it being properly damage related.

    Nice to see Absolute Dance came back and actually does something!
    Of course it's for the better. Also, I saw a lot of PAs from PSU that are making a return. Pretty sweet.

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    Yeah, I'm definitely done with Hunter. Fighter looks way more fun.

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    Hype has been gotten.

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    Yeah, how the heck is Mechgun's Bullet Time thing going to work with multiple players? Just imagine 12 Gunners in one area randomly doing that.

    Also, I thought Double Sabers didn't have an evasion move? He clearly does one against the Caterdran.

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    Those daggers!
    Those double sabers!


    Sadly, although I was really excited about fists before, I am HUGELY dissapointed. It just looks like basic punching moves. No flying uppercuts, no shockwave ground-pounds, no falcon punches...

    oh and when I saw tornado dance I fist pumped and said "YES!" lol

    im excited :P
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    I'm not so sure it actually slows down the game. I think that was just for the demo using special effects afterwards.

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    Time to save up I guess...:<

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    Watched it a few times now... Daggers are flat out AMAZING. Think those will be my main focus. Yo you can get up in his butt and back out before anything can touch you, so much style even! Aaaaaah, at least I'll have something to play whenever I do come back to the game.
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    mobs being in different positions is one thing, slowing down the game entirely is another. izzy is probably right that it's just post sfx

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