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    Also, those cakes

    Shortcake, cheesecake, and... uh, fruit tart? Or is it all cakie?

    edit: Some speculation - I bet a couple of those mechgun PA's have built in invulnerability frames, and it'll probably just be bullet time for yourself and what you're targeting.

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    Not enough info for FO.
    Can't quite tell much on the wand, new tech looks fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkow View Post
    so how does the twin mechgun slow down thing work in a multiplayer game...

    regardless i want them all
    Everything was moving in real time when he was dodging. It's like precision dodging. At least when he was fighting the rock bear I never saw it slow down for it.

    But really wow, the variety in style in this game just got kicked up a notch. I hope they ring in the new year with another batch of weapons.

    Didn't see anything I did not like although... Code capture looks like it will be interesting or very very very annoying. And from that preview it probably the later.

    Put down as another happy soul for wings. Gonna be all over that. Hopefully my force can equip it.

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    yea mechguns never slowed down the game in that video, just the character.
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    I LOVE that the Naura Cake Sisters are making yet another return. It seems like they've been in just about every PS game.

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    Knuckles.....why are they using the unarmed stance,words fail me.Looks like they kept the first part of Booga Danga which is fine by me.

    Daggers look.....crazy,I like.Double Saber looks decent enough.

    Twin Mechs.....someone must be a fan of bullet time and John Woo movies.They took Dante's Rain Storm straight out of DMC.

    Wand....not what I was expecting but could be intresting,the dark tech tornado made me wtf.

    Overall hype has been delivered.

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    Those guns...


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    Hmm, enemy need to be stronger too, when players get stronger class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arika View Post
    Hmm, enemy need to be stronger too, when players get stronger class.
    I don't think we can really tell if the classes are stronger or not. They might have less attack.

    Probably not though. We've needed stronger enemies since the game released though lol
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    My thinking is they'll up the difficulty AFTER we get sub classes,it only makes sense.Then again this is Sega we're talking about and them making sense doesn't really happen.

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