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    Default PSO2 keeps crashing

    I keep having a crash issue with PSO2 and there is no error and my Wife keeps getting a freezing issue we both have the problems at the character select/create screen, she keeps getting a memory couldn't be read message, thanks in advanced. also where the heck do I find my screenshots? lmao. thanks in advanced again

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    While it may be due to memory shortage (in which case, try disabling shaders and lowering texture quality), a much more likely explanation is nProtect Gameguard.

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    Firstly, welcome to PSO-World!
    Secondly, you access your screenshots by going to:
    Documents> SEGA> PHANTASYSTARONLINE2> pictures
    Thirdly, I've been having the same kind of issues recently. I think it has to do with Gameguard, but I'm not sure.
    My operating system is Windows 7 64bit, and what seems to cause my game to freeze less often is changing appearance settings from Windows's "Aero" theme to it's "Basic" theme. It still freezes for me sometimes, unfortunately. And I've noticed more and more people with the same complaint. Hopefully, this issue will resolve itself with a patch in the near future.

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    Thanks for the help it turned out I had to lower my overall settings (down to 1) but it seems to be working good now, I can't wait to start taking loads of screenshots lol.

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