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    Default PSO2 Keeps Crashing/Freezing me!

    So I've had PSO2 running fine, at a really smooth rate.... then it kept crashing and freezing my computer. So I reformatted, it's been awhile anyways. Redownload/install it and it runs fine again... after I install windows7 SP1 it starts crashing/freezing again.... I have to manually restart my comp at this point.

    I've tried full screen.... the DEP thing... system restore.... full reinstall of the game... nothing is working, I've read of a few others having this problem, but I havn't been able to find a solution to this problem. I've tried googling it, and everything, I might have to give up on PSO2 and I REALLY don't want too, and I don't wanna have to buy a new PC for just one game.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    How exactly does it crash and freeze? Does it crash to desktop and freeze? Or does it freeze mid game? Or does it end up being a black screen or something? Are there any sounds coming out when it crashes?

    *Edit* If it's the second, then it may be the same problem I have. I haven't gotten a definite fix for it, but I have managed to get by using overclocking software to underclock the core and/or shader, and playing it with a makeshift cooler. You could also try shutting off powermizer if you're using an NVIDIA card, using powermizer switch or powermizer manager; this might help, but try this first before underclocking. If this is a laptop I suggest a good cooler, if a desktop try and aim a fan or air conditioner at it before shutting off powermizer. Just keep it cool.
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    Can u think of anything u did recently that might have had an effect on the game? Ultimately u can put all your stuff on a external hard drive, and reinstall windows and the programs u need.

    Unless u can think of what u did recently that may be causing the problem.

    EDIT: What the above guy said. Could your cpu or gfx card be overheating? Like make sure the intakes and the inside is clear of dust.

    How is the game running BEFORE you install windows 7? U need an operating system before u can play any games. :/ Clarify on that statement plz. It helps me greatly if I know exactly how the conditions of your system are different from before and after the game is working.

    MORE EDIT: Post all your PC specs. How much memory does your system have, and is it running out? U SURE u don't have a virus? I had a particularly nasty virus before that actually hijacked my vista install disk.
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    It loads up, but freezes, all my drives are updated and I have a desktop, it's not overheating at all. Sometimes it takes 1 sec to freeze b4 I can even log in, sometimes I can login and play for like 10 min then it freezes. It ran REALLY smooth at 1st. no lag or anything.

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    It started crashing after I installed windows7 SP1, but others have windows fully updated and don't crash...

    and yes, it's all clear and dust free.

    b4 I installed windows 7 SERVICE PACK 1 >_< not the OS, just the SP

    Anyway you can get skype? to screen share
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    Well if it stopped working after installing SP1 then don't install SP1. In the past windows service packs were nothing but trouble. This time around windows 7 seems to be alot better but it could still ultimately be the service packs fault. I would uninstall all programs u definitely don't need. And I dunno sometimes desktops u buy retail have like adware and spyware on them and can even come on the disks they give u while they keep the original disks. U can try finding a copy of windows 7 pro and burning it and then only install necessary programs, thats how I do it.

    I know it's a bit of a complicated and long process but doing things the safe way and knowing exactly whats on your computer has benefits.

    EDIT: When u say reformatted, u reinstalled the OS?
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    Would be nice if you show pics of the crash errors you're getting, i have SP1 and no issues here on my laptop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeris View Post
    Would be nice if you show pics of the crash errors you're getting, i have SP1 and no issues here on my laptop.
    There is nothing to screenshot. It freezes, you have no more control and your only option is to restart manually (turn of the allimentation).

    Is your windows fully updated ? Are there some updates that failed ?

    Those one failed for me :
    KB2544521 Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7
    KB2703157 Windows 7 update x64
    KB2492386 Windows 7 update x64
    KB2598845 Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7

    I have the same issue.

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    Low and behold, I don't even have SP1 installed. Don't c y u need it if it's just f ing up your game.

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