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    Exclamation HELP PSO2 wont work properly.

    everytime i try to actually start up the game it opens the window like its gonna run but then immidietly pops u a small error box in front that i cant understand. its all squares needless to say.

    i first installed it then the english patch and then tried to patch the game. that all worked. but then i got the error.

    i tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it (oddly the english patch seemed to of stayed since the patcher was in english?)

    it did the exact same thing though.

    after i hit the"ok" button at the bottom of the small box a few seconds pass and another error messages appears saying some file (idont remember the exact file but its somthing like 0x100c00h) could not be "read" and to click ok to terminate the program.

    i uninstalled and im reinstalling now. can someone help m before i officially give up on pso2 JP? ive never had so many issues with a game its unreal. and i dont wanna sit through another 6 hour patch for nothing.

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    prepatch file?
    i dont think it is :\ totake a screenshot ill have to let it fully patch and then attempt to run the game.

    it litterally opens the game like its running in windowed mode and all ill see is a black screen where the game should be.
    then the error comes up with approximetly 15-20 squares where the words would be. and i can only click "ok" its not unstill after i click ok nd the window closes out that the english error message appears telling me the file cant be read.

    im not sure how else to explain it to help make it easier for anyone :\

    also does the patcher typically say "work progress" "download status" and "instillation status" in english? cause i removed the patch when i uninstalled the game but its still in english. just curious if it may have somthing to do with it.

    its currently reinstalling now so it may be a bit. im just hoping you or others can help me out. cause im typically the computer guy with my family and friends but as it stands right now since i cant understand half of whats even on my screen im at aloss and i dont think im the only one having this error :O
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