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    Default Can you get banned from the

    I keep getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and it hasn't been loading for me for days now.
    But according to that it it just me or... site and friends swiki is up as always and no one else has an issue.
    It's not any firewall, router or other thing on my end, swiki stopped loading randomly one day only like an hour or two after I had last visited it normally and hasn't loaded for me since.

    I have no idea why and I have no idea in case I got banned why it happened cause I've never done anything other than browse it with and without google translate, same as I've been doing for years. it an issue if you open 10+ swiki tabs in a row? I do that sometimes like when I was checking if I want to use a weapon from ticket with any of the Jutus series weapons, but again I've been doing that for years and pretty sure I haven't done it for days before swiki stopped loading for me.

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    Clear your browser's cookies. If this doesn't work, then try logging through another browser. If you still get error, try logging through your smartphone, or even from another location (for example go for a walk, connect to an open WiFi and try again from there). If you again cannot get swiki to work, then someone else with more knowledge will have to help you.

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    Maybe your IP range got blocked for some reason? Try to use VPN and see if it worked.
    I know that Swiki offer some kind of feature to block overseas IP to prevent vandalism though I don't know if it's only revoke ability to edit article/page or completely revoke access to the wiki entirely.

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    Remove https?
    I got problems before .... but, changing it to " " or " " fixed it (noticed it when I clicked the link with http when googling pso2 swiki, and I can enter, when my bookmarked address can't (https))
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    Had a same thing recently. I'm just changed "https://" prefixs to just "http://" and it opens.

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    You can access the HTTP version (http://) as everyone said. If you got banned, you can't access both secure (HTTPS) and unsecured protocol. This is most likely because they forgot to renew their HTTPS certificate instead of you being banned either by the site or by your ISP, but we will know for certain if they announce why (or simply just works in the future).

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    Quote Originally Posted by final_attack View Post
    Remove https?
    I got problems before .... but, changing it to " " or " " fixed it (noticed it when I clicked the link with http when googling pso2 swiki, and I can enter, when my bookmarked address can't (https))
    That was all it took, thanks a lot.

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    There was an announcement that https connection has been recovered, it should work now.

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