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    windows 10 creator update here. still working fine

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    It doesn't work after I installed the framework 4.7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloola View Post
    thanks for the good work.

    I have a problem with "display the chat translator always on top of other windows". my taskbar also on top of other windows too
    it only happens with the windows 10 anniversary update
    here my screenshot!AvZFs4-QK6gC5yraHQandWXWR3gv
    im also having this issue with windows 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanerinn View Post
    PSO2 Chat Translator v1.6

    What is this?
    PSO2 Chat Translator is a simple tool that displays your PSO2 chat log in a separate window, and translates the Japanese messages into English (or any other language) for you using Google Translate, in real-time.
    This is really nifty, however I find when I use it, it causes me to have lag in the game when people chat. Is there anything I can do config-wise to minimize that impact? It makes it hard for me to use it during the time when I'd want it most (EQ's)
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    Version 1.7 of PSO2 Chat Translator has been released!

    Please check the first post to get the latest download links. The changelog is below.

    Version 1.7 (May 1, 2019):

    • Added support for the GROUP chat type. The colour can be customised from the "Options" window.
    • Updated Microsoft translation to use version 3 of the Translator Text API.
    • Added support for the Microsoft transliteration service.
    • Updated the list of known lobby actions to include many of the more recent ones.


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    I don't use the Translator since CM died, but I appreciate you still updating the program, unlike a certain other developer.

    Thanks for your work!

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    still using it for long time since it released , really help alot situation despite how limited google translate is

    thanks for the work
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