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    Default Two Gaharadan Fangs...

    ...and all this other stuff, including several of each Mag soul, tons of Materials and Grinders. . PD's welcome, I want TONS of them but am unsure what a fair trade would be for a Fang.

    Milias Sword-39 Beast, 34 Dark
    Big Mobius-Stun 3, Spear Rider
    Soul Trois Souther-43 Beast, 35 Machine, Soul 3, Say Goodbye
    Dark Foie Haze-48 Beast, Dark 4, Huge Cross
    Heat Foie Haze-46 Native, Heat 4 Reverse Kill
    HEART Foie Haze-43 Dark, Heart 3, Reverse Kill
    Meseta Foie Haze- 44 Dark, Meseta 2, Reverse Kill
    Stun Grand Chariot- 43 Native,Stun 3, Speed Rain
    Ice Argares-Native 42, Machine 44, Ice 4, Serpent AirCeleb Argares- Machine 43, Dark 37, Celeb 4, Bite Stamp
    Heart Mehrennenka-Native 44, Dark 31, Heart 3, Cyclone Run
    Hunter Shell
    Pizza Box
    Arquebus Armor
    Carabinier Armor
    Milias Frame

    I'm looking for a 4 slot Kepler Suit, one of the Yas rifles, TONS of PD's. Name the specific Unit or Soul you want.

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    # of slots on the armors you have listed?
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    Sorry for the late reply...all armors are 4 slot. I NEVER find 4 slots on things I want, though for my a few pizza boxes, too (wearing one at the moment).

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    Just got a 4-Slot Rika's Suit I have no need for, added to the list. Looking for Force armor/items as well.

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    How many PD's are you after for that 4 slot rika's suit? if of course, your still looking for them, if not nevermind
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    I think I have a few Gaharadan Fangs I do not need. Though I am currently in the middle of a Super ET run, so it will be a while before I am available for trade.

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    I'd be interested in a 4 slot Spirit Garb...I've also got a 3-slot Rika's Suit and at least two of every unit in the game. Still looking for trades, especially one of the Yasmikov rifles (which just absolutely refuse to drop) and a 4 slot Noble Cloak.

    And I just noticed how poorly-worded my opening post is. I mean to say I HAVE two Gaharadan Fangs for trade, along with all the other stuff listed.

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    I'm hunting for 2 divine powers, do you have any for sale?
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    I'm sure I do, I'll check and post this weekend. What would you be willing to trade?

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    The only real thing of value I have to trade is PDs and Millions of Meseta.

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