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    Default Garland Drei

    Garland Drei+15 Native 0/33/41/0 /acc. adj. 36/ Draw lv.2/ Mine sneak
    Human ranger can't use... anyone want? interested in gunblades or a rifle of equal value that a Ramar can equip.
    Also have Neidaryl +10 27/0/38/0/risk lv. 2/impact zero that I am willing to throw in
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    Not to be a jerk or anything but isn't Mine Sneak a photon art? You have that in there and "no photon art".

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    thanks for catching that.
    the garland drei does have a mine sneak
    i accidentally scrolled to my black phobos when i was looking at its specs
    i corrected the percentages on the garland drei but i forgot to erase no photon art.

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    You're welcome. If only I was still playing, I'd make a bid for your Garland. It has good stats.

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    no worries. I found a Lavateinn not ten minutes later. So i'm satisfied for now

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