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Thread: Cirnopedia?

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    Default Cirnopedia?

    Who is in charge of Cirnopedia? The information is dated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coatl View Post

    On break.
    I am now scared of Ice fairies...
    as though I wasn't already trying to beat her on lunatic mode...

    On the cirnopedia, the guy probably fell into a state of "dealing with real life" and so cirnopedia thus fell into a state of neglect.
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    Maybe time for an actual English pso2 wiki, that anyone can work on...

    Go on Poubelle, make it happen.
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    What is dated about it? It was updated last time we got content, unless you mean the new stuff. Cirnopedia goes off the PSO2JPWiki, so if they haven't updated yet, cirno won't either.

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    They're missing the new AQ equipment, AIDA, which the JApanese wiki has had for like 2 weeks. So yes, it's dated.

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    Patience. He's been busy working on revamping the site. It'll be back when he's done.

    Here's a preview he posted of the new site. (WIP, obviously)
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    The guy who updates the wiki aka Cirno has been working on a new wiki, the current website has been having some problems. Once the new site is live he'll fill in all the missing content.

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    I don't know how up to date this is because I am waiting for the NA release but this is usually what I look at even though not a lot is there maybe you guys can add stuff.

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