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    Default PSO logo clean png?

    Anywhere know where/how I can get the pso logo with in a solid color with a transparent background?


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    The White background should be easy to remove. If you have problems let me know and I can do it for you.


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    I believe there's a brush or two for photoshop floating around on deviant art. It's years and years old by now, though.

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    Here is the version of the PSO brush. It's not complete though. The photoshop brushes are cool though

    Found some PSO brushes on DeviantArt that look great

    Here is a reworked version of the original image I posted with a transparent background. I tried to get it as smooth as I could lol.

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    VioletSkye, you are epic. Thanks so much! Side note as to what it's for: Working layout of new arks-layer page

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    No problem. Hope it was usable for you

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    @ Kion for second I thought u were planing on making skin mods for the psobb game lol but I see your making your own fan website I should join your site and check it once its done but question I like to ask Is website still active or underproduction ? can you tell us bit more about it ?? Im very interested in your site

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    Actually I was planning on mimicking the psobb menu, i even had the background music and sound effects really to implement it. But I ended up modifying to make it more pso2 like. The site is already up, but it's just a single page single to download the story patch.

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