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    Default English Patch update thread - My room/Support Partner will be translated! :D

    Here is where I'll list the updates currently implemented in the English patch, what needs to be worked on, and what is pending implementation.

    Post updated on May 24th, 2013 12:36PM EST

    Currently translated and implemented:

    • Character Deletion information is now translated
    • All Dragon Fort emergency text is translated (srs this time)
    • Some NPC autoword fixes
    • Fixing some errors with the Arks Quests
    • All Block descriptions will be in English
    • Tips have been redone to prevent formatting errors (Internal)
    • Menu item "Imitation" was changed to "Imitate"
    • Patch updated to account for new content in makeover shop
    • Updated the EMERGENCY CODE: GESTURE strings
    • Proper capitalization for Darkers (not darkers, Darkers)
    • Translated some new party strings (when you leave an AQ mission)
    • All of Franka's COs are now in English
    • The new time attack quest description is in English
    • All Daily order descriptions are now in English
    • Fixed the locations (3rd floor plaza, etc)
    • Lobby action "Surprise!" is now "Evil laugh"
    • All NPC autowords
    • All NPC's lobby greet/goodbye
    • Most of Koffee's client orders
    • All the loading/warping tips
    • All items in Makeover shop
    • Lola / Zeno / Jean / Philia / Revielle's COs
    • All PAs are translated
    • Most of the text at the class counter
    • All Emergency Code text (Dracyhme, the Lilipa stuff, etc)
    • All Lobby Actions
    • Most new Team Room actions
    • Various text throughout the game
    • Most Ship Transfer text
    • Some of the connection errors
    • All Techs translated
    • New Emergency Code: FORT text
    • Tip about the campship terminal
    • All of Koffie's Client Orders
    • Description for Arks Quest/Advance Quests
    • Various strings that were untranslated (Inviting people to parties, etc)
    • All quests/quests descriptions/type of quest descriptions are now in English and formatted correctly.
    • All of Gerard's Client Orders

    Currently translated, will be put in the patch soon:

    Need to be translated:

    • More client orders

    Need to be fixed/translated:

    • Room menus (Technical issues with this, attempting to resolve it by next update.
    • Revelle's speed annihilation client orders require S rank, but it doesn't say so in our patch.

    If you see something labeled incorrectly, or not working as it's supposed to, just take a screenshot and post it here. I'll make sure it's fixed in the next update.

    I'd also like to take this moment to thank everyone over at Arks-Layer, along with many of the contributing members of PSOW - Without your help and support, we'd be stagnant. (Just like a certain North American branch of a certain company I know, ohohohoho). I'd also like to thank a certain other site, which cannot be mentioned, but I think everyone knows who they are.

    Credit where it belongs! I've also added a link to their profile here (if possible) so you can send them some love! These are general credits, for involvement with the English patch, Story patch, NPC Autowords Project, Client Order Project, or Item Translation Project (credits pending for this one).



    • Agrajag (For creating and maintaining the english patch)

    If I've forgotten anyone, I'm terribly sorry! Send me an angry PM and I'll take care of it <3~

    Where to find the English Patch

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    Keep up the Awesome work AIDA!

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    Fantastic, it's awesome what we have such hard working and dedicated members of the community.

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    my hero
    "A good job is a constant pileup of many much simpler tasks being done well."

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    You never ended up PMing me e_e

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    You and your team are an amazing bunch and cannot express enough how the work you've done help my experience with this game be all that much more. I wish I can show my appreciation more or help but all I can offer is my gratitude.

    ~Thank you
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    ^_^ See told ya AIDA lots of people love and appreciate all the hard work you and your team put into this *hug*

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    The translations were already awesome. They gave us what we needed to play and i always told my friends that if they came on PSO2, they could play with "what they need" in english.

    Now we'r getting into other stuffs and even though i knew someone would get there at some point, i eventually forgot about all of that.

    Reading the ToDo list is very nice, and we'r all very grateful for your work. You and this other team who's been working on this for this whole time, you are the reason most of us don't "wait" for an US release anymore. We don't need to, thanks to you.

    Thank you, very much.

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