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    Exclamation Error in making SEGA ID

    Hi , I downloaded the game but it comes to SEGA ID , i always get this messege , what does it says!? whats wrong?

    can any one help pleas?

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    Trick question, I don't live.


    Invalid input for birthmonth
    Use between 01~12
    (So if you're born in April, use 04, NOT 4)

    Are you a ship 8 player? Want some friends to get started? Start with me! (CURRENTLY Busy with university )

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    thanks , but now am getting [(025) error
    There is an error in the input content. Please try again.] , can you tell me what to do? or what could be the mistakes? or what i should use in username and password? how numbers and letters Japanese or English , i don't know what i did wrong =/

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    thanks alot , it really helped alot thanks , i love you

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