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    Now find a way to make a no gameguard patch then this will be perfect.
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    Bit off-topic, but I'm just sick and tired of "difficulty" meaning "stat boosts". It's lazy and boring.

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    very awesome, now make it download and install the English patch for me

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    Heh, I had some suspicion about those videos! And everyone I spoke to about it thought I was cray-cray. At least someone else can also be considered nuts. 8)

    Thanks for this!
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    Thank you very much AIDA even though the intro/logos video remover thing didn't work for me. At first it kinda looked promising then at the 4th click or something, the game frozen and stayed like that for minutes (maybe it's something related to my crappy PC).

    The traditional way still faster for me but this still it's very useful for removing the censor file thanks
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    The english patch part doesn't work for me. Whenever I load up PSO2 it's still in japanese. It says it extracted it but it didn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Did you select your PSO2 win32 data directory first?
    Yep. I've got the right directory selected.

    Edit: Could it have something to do with me using Windows 7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Yes, because I really have nothing better to do. This is my first VB.NET program, so any comments/suggestions/tweaks you want added are more than welcome.

    A link to show you it's not a virus:

    Detection ratio: 0 / 46

    At the moment, it's features:

    - Ability to remove the in-game censor (CLIENT SIDE)
    - Ability to disable the playback of the opening videos
    - Can undo any changes done with the program
    - Launch PSO2 directly instead of through a launcher
    - Automatically download the LATEST English patch, and install it for you.

    Next version will support checking your data files, finding which ones you don't have, and downloading them via a very fast HTTP so that you don't have to do the whole huge filecheck and wait 2352355235 hours for 2 files.

    Download link:

    Remember to EXTRACT IT, then run it. If you don't, you won't be able to use the English patch feature.


    Q: Disabling the opening videos!? What do you mean!?

    A: This removes the videos, so that PSO2 instead displays a black screen. I've noticed that when starting PSO2, it takes way more memory than it should to load the opening video - This disables it, so when it loads, just click 4 times (one click per disabled video) to get to the title screen. MUCH faster, and TBH, it seems like the game performs better as well. (Perhaps the movie isn't unloaded correctly from memory normally?)

    Q: It gives me a "File not found error" when I try to get the new English patch. YOU SUCK AT CODING AIDA!

    A: NAY GOOD SIR, IT IS THOU WHO SUCKS AT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. You need to extract BOTH files to the same directory, otherwise it won't be able to extract the file it downloads. *Hits you with a RTFM sign*


    A: Some people wanted this, some people are not tech-savy enough to mess with the data folder. Open this after every patch, checkmark the boxes, apply and close. Bam!

    AIDA i love you, lots of homo!


    SKIN IT! ill help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    Try running it as admin?

    Hit "Install English Patch", then look at the directory where you have the program. Does a file called "EN Patch.rar" appear?
    Yeah it pops up and then once I click ok it deletes itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIDA View Post
    In the log (At the bottom), what does it say after "Extracting to "?

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    REMOVE OPENING VIDEOS YES ! thank you because ram use explosions are never fun when running more than just pso2 all the time :s

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