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    Whenever I do a forum search recently I get a database error that spits out the sql string it was trying to use. It isn't a syntax error... it is an error from the table handler:

    An Error Occured
    phpBB was unable to query the forums database
    Got error 127 from table handler
    SELECT u.*,f.*, p.*, t.*,f.*,pt.* FROM posts p, posts_text pt, users u, forums f,forumtopics t WHERE ( (t.topic_title LIKE '%blah%') OR (pt.post_text LIKE '%blah%') ) AND p.post_id = pt.post_id AND p.topic_id = t.topic_id AND p.forum_id = f.forum_id AND p.poster_id = u.uid AND f.forum_type != 1 ORDER BY p.post_time desc LIMIT 50

    Just wanted to let you know.

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    Yes i found out today. Gamespy did it again!

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