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    Question PS02 Help with making account!

    Hello,I'm trying to register an account for the game, and on the screen where you input your ID and password I'm getting the error,

    (025) error
    There is an error in the input content. Please try again.

    The thing is I have no idea which thing I'm inputting wrong. Is there a template someone has to point me in the right direction? Or can someone list acceptable answers? I don't want real answers just something that'd get accepted.

    Input your birthday

    Sega ID Registration

    Input Password

    Secret Question

    Image Confirmation (I'm aware it could be this, but I have the chrome extenstion and even had help from imgur getting the characters for me lol)

    Also questions that might help me solve this

    1. Can the username be entered in english letters? When you check if it's available is a small blue box supposed to appear, or a popup?

    2. Can any of the questions be answered with english letters?

    thanks guys

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    Okay got it, was the captcha. Well I'm better at spotting some japanese characters now , sorry for double post.

    Edit: Although as you can see, that time they made it really easy for me haha

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