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    Question Tapatalk Plugin

    Was wondering if you all would be willing to install the tapatalk add-on so we can browse the forums easier on our phones when we're away from our PC, I run my own forum and its a really easy install, just go to there site, download the free plugin, make a free account on there site so push notifications work and that's all really. It installs like a mod.

    It's all free so no worries about spending any cash, you have the option to pay for a custom app for just the site but you don't have to do that.

    I would even be willing to help if needed.

    Hope you all think about it.
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    i browse this site on my vita and have no problems

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    bumping, waiting for Tapatalk plugin to be considered

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayaldev View Post
    bumping, waiting for Tapatalk plugin to be considered
    We are sailing in the same Boat on this one.

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