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    Default Desktop EQ Notification System

    So I was thinking about making a Desktop EQ Notification system - Similar to Kion's plugin for chrome, but available on the desktop too~


    You're chilling, listening to music, and all of the sudden "EMERGENCY CODE" comes over your speakers. You know that there's an EQ on the way, and you're ready!

    Surfing the net, checking out some old pso1 info (Casts couldn't use magic?!) and a little window pops up on your notification bar: Chrome EQ starts in 10 minutes!

    I'm wondering - How many people would use such a system? If it's enough, I'll definitely make it, just wondering how much interest there is.

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    Sounds useful to me. I used to always miss EQs since the chrome extension doesn't really make noise or have an alert box or anything. I'd use it.
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    Well, I'd be more willing to use this than the Chrome extension at least because I don't use Chrome...

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    I'd probably use it since I hate Chrome and don't refresh twitter all the time.

    What would really be nice is if something actually took the real EQ broadcasts that the game itself receives, but I don't know if that's possible.

    btw, did Sega fix the multi area EQ broadcasts yet so they mean something now?

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    You can bet I'd use it. :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnLucky View Post
    btw, did Sega fix the multi area EQ broadcasts yet so they mean something now?
    Yes, they did it this maintenance (it's in the maintenance notes which nobody here reads, I guess), so that when an EQ is announced, it will tell you which planet it comes from.

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    I would use it.
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    I would
    just to avoid using chrome

    Chromes a bad browser
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