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    How good is bow atm? Is hero still vastly outclassing it in every regard?

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    Bullet Bows are certainly in a much better place now (post-Sept. 27 balance patch), than they were, back in EP V's debut.

    3 Chase Arrows -> (charged) Banish Arrow -> (charged) Normal Attacks loop is a thing, along with 3 Chase Arrows -> (charged) Banish Arrow -> 2 Sharp Bombers [Type-0] (or Final Nemesis -> Sharp Bomber [Type-0]) loop. Those two bossing combos works wonders now, especially with Fighter's Tech Arts JA Bonus and PP Save (although you can use Ranger or Hunter subclasses with those respective R/ rings).

    Heroes will always be at the top -- and there's no ones who's doubting that. However, the gap between the advance class and its predecessors is much closer now... *Glares at Fighter and Gunner mains*

    TL;DR Edition: Bullet Bows don't suck as much as you think they would; here's a Twitter video of someone demonstrating the weapon's enhancements, post-Sept. 27 balance patch:
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    /Ra lost 27% conditional damage, gained 27% unconditional. /Fi and /Hu gained 27% without losing anything.

    Honestly though, I feel that it's everything else other than numerical buff on PAs that made the difference.

    Chase actually weaves well between burst combos now;
    FN is almost 2.3x as strong as it was months ago, which makes it a good banish finisher after SB0 that doesn't actually deplete your entire PP bar;
    The biggest change is still the greatly buffed normal attacks (damage, charge duration and PP gain), 1 charged normal during RS with Astra literally gives you an entire banish combo now.

    What bow lacked before was not damage, but consistency, and that's exactly what it got this time, and it's actually working out.

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