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    Exclamation PSO2 ARKS MISSION 4 (character wont move)

    Alright my friend took a screen shot of me what u see on the image is what u see when i get to the second part of the field i character wont move i can only look around whether its the mouse or my game pad. I tried doing the auto run with a friend still did the same thing same same spot every time and only on this mission every other mission worked fine and i cant progress any further without beating the mission can someone help?

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    It's because of the story patch. If you've already seen what happens here (this is how I bypassed it on my ranger) you can get past this part by reinstalling all of the files from the Japanese launcher (the 3rd button from the top, 2nd and middle button in the three smaller buttons) and only re-installing the english patch.

    This quest will be in japanese (the cutscenes) but there will be no freeze upon entering Forest Area 2 during the Nab Rappy Quest (I'm assuming it's that quest because I got stuck in the same area). I reinstalled the story patch after finishing the quest without the story patch installed and haven't had any more issues like this since although I've heard of other random instances where this has happened in other areas. Until they update the story patch it's probably the best way to finish this quest. I haven't even touched any Nab Rappy redos yet however and I probably won't until the story patch is updated.
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    Omg thanks you are a life savor it worked so should i even bother installing the patch again? or should i not care for it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi22 View Post
    Omg thanks you are a life savor it worked so should i even bother installing the patch again? or should i not care for it?
    It depends on whether or not you want to see the cutscenes in english. I reinstalled it but I hear it's really not needed for anything other than being able to understand the text in the cutscenes (and some people have said that it might be better to just wait until the Story Patch is updated before reinstalling.) If I come across the error again I probably will uninstall the story patch until it's updated, and just go through the scenes in english when EP2 arrives on my dewman.
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    yea il wait for the american version for the story or il just watch it on youtube lol well you were alot of help if u want idk how to look for ppl if u are on ship 10 my user name is itachi22

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