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    Default Dewman ranger/gunners

    Is this a viable class option for the Dewman? Don't they have very high offensive capabilities but low health and defense? I want to switch from Braver to Ranger and go Gunner eventually. Should I use "gun" classes on a different race?

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    It's a fine combo.

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    Actually I do try this once my dewman unlock gunner class, since my main character is newman GU/RA

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    I'd say make a caseal since they actually look like a new race instead of a human unicorn

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    Caseal is a better RA if you wanna talk about MIN-MAXing, Caseal has matched R-atk with FEMALE dewmen (more than male dewmen) more hp, and more r-def, and more dex/ability. Any other stat doesn't matter for GU.

    But dewmen is the next best, and still very viable, esp if you wanna go melee or force as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumpen Thingy View Post
    I'd say make a caseal since they actually look like a new race instead of a human unicorn
    Haha nice.
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    I dunno......even as a melee I'd choose a cast over doodooman. The difference in s-atk is so small, that I'd take the other stats (HP, def, dex, etc) over doodooman. That extra HP does help after all. 10+ point difference in s-atk does not however for me at least. Others, its life or death.

    Eh and the guy who said the unicorn thing is right. As a cast, you can go fleshie or go back to being a terminator (cyborg, some like to just call casts robots, but i call them cyborgs). You can also mix and match parts. You ain't just some human with a horn lolz (same thing can be said about newmans). However, you do know they could of done something more to make that race more unique in appearance (i.e Take a look at FFXIV ARR if you play that).

    Even though its personal preference, there are only two fleshie onry outfits I like. The rest are junk. All the good fleshie outfits are costumes for both cast and fleshie. So casts get double the benefits along with head parts.

    However, my second character slot is doodooman that I will lvl in the distant future. No offense, but I ain't gonna have two of the same race on my account (aka 2 cast, even if male) and if its male, go buy more costumes for outrageous prices :P.

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