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    Default How to tell what's in AC/FUN scratch from preview videos

    If this has been noticed before, well oh well, now everyone knows and I can feel smart.

    Recently, we got this video:

    and I was speculating what was going to be in each scratch. Then I noticed something.


    I went back several videos to check. Sure enough, the AC scratch items for each scratch had that message (which I can't translate) and FUN scratch items had...


    Also, in each of the videos I watched, the AC message disappeared IMMEDIATELY when the last AC items had been shown. So, from watching the video:

    AC scratch:

    Costumes (as usual)
    All bunny ears
    Lillipan mag device
    Egg talis weapon camo

    FUN scratch:

    All stockings/gloves combinations
    Forehead tattoos
    Fake whiskers
    New eyebrows or eyes (I think, I can't tell for sure though)
    Wheels that go behind feet
    Photon (?) wings
    New oriental room design/furniture
    New support partner console (chair)

    99% sure that the above will be the case. If not, I'll get this thread locked/deleted.

    There was also a case where AC and FUN items were displayed at the same time, and the message was slightly different:


    Make of that what you will.
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    「ACスクラッチの景品となります」 means "This is AC Scratch prize".
    「ー部ACスクラッチの景品となります」 means "Part of this is AC Scratch prize".

    So, yeah.

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    Whoa! We can get those awesome Photon Wings through the FUN Scratch? Somebody's gonna be hoarding his FUN Points for this occasion.

    Nice observation there, NeverDT! I hadn't noticed this myself until you brought it up.

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    If ur wrong please give us all lots of meata

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzaku0zero0 View Post

    If ur wrong please give us all lots of meata
    Oh, I can't wait to get a lot of Meata. /sarcasm

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