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    Default why is grinding such a pain T_T

    trying to +9 Fleetmalnica TMG's with full protection (cost's me 280k per 1) keeps failing.... D:

    how many trys does it take you guys to get +9 and +10 on 10* weps :S
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    Just recently it took me 12 tries to +10 my 11* weapon at latent 2, and now the weapon is just begging to be latent 3 at this point. Just keep trying and you'll get it at some point.

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    sometimes more than 17 tries, lol

    (I gave up and firesold them some time later after trying and failing two more times without protects, 9-8-9-8-5 TIME TO SELL)

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    Grinding is hard because dudu needs your tears & meseta to sustain himself. Planets will explode, dimensions will implode, loli will grow tall, males will no longer look like sissy girls, if there is ever a high success rate on grinding. Dudu does this to save us all(or not).

    On a serious note, grindings still cheap for me, around 500k per 10*. Don't hate.

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    should i just not buy the full protection....? (i make around 900k per day)
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    What's your prediction on +10 for Acro Cane?
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    Ever since an elder rifle took 9 full protects (Back when they were 800-900k, no less) to +10, I have never touched one. For the price of one you can get a 10% grind success booster and a +1 protection.. (of course, if I ever got an 11* weapon, that will change lolol)

    It takes normally 20-40 grinds for me to +10 a 10* from +0, rarely more then a stack. normally takes 5 5%s/+1 protects from +8-+10 aswell, for the cost of 1-2 full protects :3
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    Loading tunnels have gone from 10-15 seconds down to 2-3 seconds and the normal lobby stuttering mess is buttery smooth currently.
    This must be some kind of glitch, I refuse to believe Sega have finally fixed this game's horrible performance problems.

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    It took me around 15 tries to get my parasol to +10 during the boosted grind rate week. When I was unlocking the PP-recovering ability on the wooden rod, it would take 10-15 tries each time.

    So yeah, welcome to free to play games. Prepare your AC.

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    Last I heard, the 9->10 base success rate was estimated to be 30%.

    So that means that for roughly every 2 failures you have, someone else succeeds.

    So every time you fail your two first tries? Someone else succeeds on their first try ツ

    Every time you fail 10 tries in a row? We could say it's totally plausible that five other people succeed on their first try ツツツツツ

    That time you failed 20 tries in a row? シツシツシツ

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    More like 3%

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