my PSO2 is in japanese language and i can't make it english.. even though i can play and go in game..

i even fully patch the ENGLISH patch and ENGLISH Large Patch !!

please HELP !! tried anything.. but don't work.. !!

here's my proof that i patch everything right i guess..

Program started...
Program opened successfully! Version [OK!]
Checking for updates, please wait a moment...
You have the latest version of the program:
Checking for PSO2 Updates... Done!
Checking for updates to patches...
Current Story Patch version is: Installed
Current EN Patch version is: patch_2013_08_28
Current Large Files version is: 2013_07_18_largefiles
If any of the above versions are incorrect, use the override in options to fix them.
Does the item patch work with the newest PSO2 version?: Yes
All done - System ready!