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    Default Captcha help

    Here's my current captcha after about an hour of trying and failing, I've given up. If anyone can translate it for me that would be most appreciated.

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    That one would have expired by now, try posting another.

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    I've heard the image changes for each person viewing it though, so that may not be what you're seeing. Try it out though. If it doesn't work you can try using printscreen and I can read off of that instead.

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    It didn't work here is the screen print of a new captcha

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    It's hard to be sure with some of those line placements, but that looks right

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    You got it, thanks! That last one was how a lot of mine kept coming up even with the PSO2 chrome extension I couldn't get pasted the lines >_>

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    Glad to help. Those can be a bit difficult sometimes, but they make for great practice if you're learning it. Also, you might want to change your secret question.

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    I changed it, had autofill on. Now if the rest of the download works I can actually play again...

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