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    Quote Originally Posted by starwind75043 View Post
    I have not posted in this thread in a long time but I think it was stated how in an older post
    Thanks for the information , i downloaded the file containing most of the latest NPC file back in 2016 (Credits to: wahahaha for posting the files back in 2016 and Kayarine for finding out the numbers for the NPCs) . But the file is pretty old now and i want to find the newest up to date file containing all the NPCs .

    I did found one of the method by using a program called Deicer from a forum called Xentax to extract the CML , using another program called PSO2 CML Parser made by a person named chikinface over PSUmods to covert the CML files into fhp files that can be open in the character creation . Problems with this method is it's a bit complicated and the person that posted the Deicer program didn't really explain how to do it well .

    At this point i'll stick with this method for now , but if you do find that method you were talking about then i would be very much appreciate .

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    anyone have the phantom girl or cast phantom girl files laying around?

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    If anyone has the character file for EP5 Maria, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Is there an up to date cml parser? I managed to get something that looks similar to Yasminkov 8000C from 582 but 581 and 580 looks like nothing when compared to Fornis or Tuna.

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    Anyone has Mother npc file?

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    Does anyone have anything on Stella/Wyndis/Rozalinde, the new characters from Idola: A Phantasy Star Saga that just dropped this week in pso2? If not a file then even sliders or a guide would help.

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    Does anyone have Popona's NPC file?

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    Wowee. Lotsa requests in here, might as well throw mine in. Anyone have the character file for the PSO2 version of Lumia Waber?

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    Reposting NPC / character recipe blogs

    NPC recipes some with files

    Some npc reicpes and genral character recipes

    I find it easier as of late just to do the changes my self.

    cross-referencing names I can not read with

    Bumped also has a character catalog you can use if you are looking for some ep 5 and lower NPCs

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