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    Default Error Code 249 :(

    Hi guys, I was a long time player in PSO2, but quit, and recently came back after getting my new PC. After I got it I thought I'd try up PSO2 again just for kicks and I keep getting this error 249. I googled a bit and some said it was maintenance. So at first I thought it was just the servers were down for maintenance since I downloaded close to the maintenance times and couldn't bother do the time zone conversion so I just slept it off. The next day I came back home and tried opening it again and still receiving this error, thought it was still in maintenance so I let it go for another day. Now today I can't believe that maintenance could possibly take this long and I've searched up and down this forum and google and this is what I've done so far:

    Uninstalled PSO2
    Re-downloaded PSO2
    Re-installed PSO2
    Re-installed English patch
    Installed PSO2 Tweaker
    Installed english patch through tweaker
    Tried Diagnose Connection Issues in Tweaker and these are the results:

    Tried running more and found out that sometimes I get an Error in the numbers, eg. 100/Error/100/200
    The average numbers are around 200-250
    I don't think it's my internet connection. I mean I live in China, so I should be pretty close to the servers, and I've played this game before with no problems or lag, and if I remember right, I've never even had disconnection problems or anything.

    Here's some screenshots to show exactly what happens

    After I click Agree to terms, and click log in sega id, click close on the To First time players box, and what happens next is a long loading screen (around 1-2 minutes). Now If I remember correctly from the last time I played it should take much less than that

    Then comes the server screen, and all the Ships have unknown status

    I click Ship 2, which I remember was the server I used to play on, and a long loading screen again

    I enter my log in info and another long loading screen and finally the error screen

    These are my system's specs:
    MSI GT-70
    Nvidia Geforce GTX 770M (311.83 drivers)
    16GB RAM
    Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet (drivers installed properly and everything)

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    Oh I see, that explains it. Guess I can't play anymore, thanks for the reply

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    here doing a maintenance , so you won't log in for a couple of hours.

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    Greeting's! I am having this EXACT same problem... Like seriously, everything you explain is the same thing I am experiencing! But the thing is, I was playing yesterday just fine... Then the next time I logged in the ship's we're unknown :'( I'm in the US by the way... So did they block US player's now too? Thank you in advance

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    Found this while google searching for a solution to the problem which is the exact same as you have (had) right now. I've tried all the things you mentioned above with no success. Played right before the 11/27 maintenance but now I cannot. I am also having no trouble connecting to the internet. I live in the US and not China. Although one of my friends who also plays encountered the same problem as me.
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    I'm also having a similar issue, but in my case I was able to play just fine before I got my new wifi (was without internet for a week due to the old one dying) modem from comcast. I don't think I've been banned because I haven't really done anything banworthy and I've tried messing with the firewall options on my modem but I don't think that's the issue. There was a similar issue on the 18th that I'm guessing affected me as well. Changing some more settings to see if it's an issue on my end or not and I'll let everyone know.

    *Edit* That's what it was. My problem is fixed. Apparently for the game to work this modem has to be set to low security and not typical. Typical
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    -Casts Reverser-

    So, I'm in Afganistan on Deployment....will I have the same issue cause I'm getting that Error Code too?
    ~When you least expect it, you'r elected you'r the star today. SMILE! You'r on candid camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faylen View Post
    -Casts Reverser-

    So, I'm in Afganistan on Deployment....will I have the same issue cause I'm getting that Error Code too?
    You're getting error code 249? Could you post more information?

    And thanks for doing your duty! o7

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