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    Default your thoughts about the 8th aniversary LQ

    since nobody did the post i rush in :P

    i liked the LQ: nice expirience , drops are crazy , the averange time its good .

    in conclusion : its not tedious like Magatsu in space LQ and it worth your time

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    Miles better than Magatsu Lq, but besides stocking on cubes, drops so far dont seem good(maybe I am missing something, not sure what SSAs are on pool). I will probably reach 1700 then wait until 2nd part, which should drop units SSAs and Execour modules.

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    It's chill. Easier way to stock up on affixes for Photon Glare than running DQ over and over. The other drops are plentiful enough so it's fine. More so looking forward to the second half with unit SSAs but I'm sure Sky Dance's Boon will still be a myth regardless.

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    I was going to make the thread during maintenance but didn't feel like it and don't plan on it. people can use bumped

    Heres my only contribution:

    Million/Clissa series

    -15% dmg increase (wouldn't doubt it's the same for both of them)
    -10%(?) chance to proc one of the 4 special effects randomly
    --Damage Reduction 50% when hit
    --PP Reduction 50% when using a PA (assuming Tech counts too naturally)
    --PP Increase 100% on normal attack
    --HP Recovery (100) on attack

    Where does this series sit in the Meta? Basically Atra Ex+ without an S4. Good Beginners/Returning player gear though. Some of them make good camo's.

    Also don't know if this matters either, from what I've read so far, a lot of people don't like this LQ not only because of the bad drop rates but lack of really good SSA's to go far (and units are basically going to be in the second half of the Anniversary campaign quests). So people are just grinding to get their Grainne Stone from the Point rewards and dropping the LQ until the 2nd one comes with better stuff (hopefully). Triggers output way more on badges/pts of course so if you really don't care about rankings, sell them or do them to speed up getting those rewards quicker. LQ is good for cubes though

    it's still first day I guess, so maybe jumping the gun too soon, S5 Anthesis drops at least
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    Just tedious...
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